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Lanzhou New Area incubates 265 enterprises
The Lanzhou New Area has incubated 265 electronic information and advanced manufacturing enterprises until now.
Lanzhou Sports Industry Expo to kick off
The 2018 Western China (Lanzhou) Sports Industry Expo will kick off in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, on June 1.
New-energy auto industry fair held in Lanzhou New Area
The Lanzhou New Area New-energy Auto Industry Promotional Fair is held in the new area on May 22.
South Korea to be guest country of 24th Lanzhou Trade Fair
South Korea has confirmed to be the guest country of the 24th Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair.
White-haired Girl performed at Lanzhou Music Hall
The Shanghai Ballet performs the classic Chinese dance drama White-haired Girl at the Lanzhou Music Hall on May 22.
Lanzhou New Area Zhongchuan Peony Festival kicks off
The 2018 Lanzhou New Area Zhongchuan Peony Festival kicked off on May 18 and it will last until June 5.
Lanzhou to build 50 underground parking lots in three years
The city of Lanzhou will build 50 smart underground parking lots in its downtown area in the next three years.
Public science day activities held in Lanzhou
The 14th Public Science Day of the Chinese Academy of Sciences kicks off in some 100 institutes across China on May 19.
E-commerce trade volume in rural Lanzhou exceeds 100m yuan in 2017
The e-commerce trade volume in the rural area of Lanzhou City exceeded one million yuan in 2017, according to the Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commercial Affairs on May 21.
Lanzhou greets International Museum Day
Various activities are held in the city of Lanzhou, Gansu Province, to greet the upcoming International Museum Day, which falls on May 18.
Lanzhou Rose Festival to kick off
The 11th Lanzhou Rose Festival will kick off in the city of Lanzhou, Gansu Province, on May 26, according to a news briefing held on May 16. It will last until October 30.
Plantation enhanced to greet Lanzhou International Marathon
A total of 3400 trees have been pruned and 1.9 million shrubs planted in the city of Lanzhou to greet the upcoming Lanzhou International Marathon.
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