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New Area

Qinwangchuan National Wetland Park opens in Lanzhou New Area
The Lanzhou New Area Qinwangchuan National Wetland Park was open to the public on September 9.
Artificial lakes constructed in Lanzhou New Area
Artificial lakes have been constructed in Lanzhou New Area, Lanzhou City, since it was set up in 2012.
Lanzhou New Area Passenger Station to complete construction
The Lanzhou New Area Comprehensive Passenger Station will complete construction and put into operation by the end of this August.
Productivity promotion center established in Lanzhou New Area
The Lanzhou Productivity Promotion Center established a branch in Lanzhou New Area on May 30.
Lanzhou New Area receives 99,200 tourists during Spring Festival Holiday
Tourists play at the swimming pool with a temperature of 28 Celsius degree at the Western China Dinosaur Park in Lanzhou New Area, on February 23.
Lanzhou New Area to build 100km rural highways in 2018
The Lanzhou New Area plans to construct rural highways totaling 100 kilometers in 2018.
Sightseeing line opens in Lanzhou New Area
A sightseeing line passing through the Great Wall Film Studio, the West China Dinosaur Park, the Wetland Park, the No. 2 Lake Square and some commercial circles in Lanzhou New Area is open to the public there on January 16.
Lanzhou New Area accelerates development in Q4
The Lanzhou New Area accelerated project attraction, implementation, and industrialization in the fourth quarter of this year.
Turkmenistan entrepreneurs visit Lanzhou New Area
A business delegation from Turkmenistan visits the Lanzhou New Area on December 12.
Lanzhou builds demonstrative multimodal transport project
Lanzhou New Area is gearing up for development of a multimodal transport demonstration project.
Lanzhou New Area to enhance logistics industry
The Lanzhou New Area will step up the development of logistics and make it the first industry in the near future, according to a conference held during an inspection tour in the new area on November 11.
Imported Goods Wholesale Center set up in Lanzhou New Area
An imported goods wholesale center with business area totaling 60,000 square meters was established in Lanzhou New Area, Lanzhou City, on October 16.
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