Investment Projects

Xixi Town to be completed by 2019
Construction of Xixi Town, a unique cultural tourism town in Lanzhou New Area, will be completed by September 2019.
Lanzhou’s industrial agricultural system
Lanzhou is the biggest industrial city in the upstream of the Yellow River. Lanzhou was also one of the key construction cities during the first national Five-Year Plan period, the second Five-Year Plan period and the Third Line Movement.
Lanzhou High-tech Zone: positive advantage over investment attraction
Since December 2012, Lanzhou High-tech Zone, under the policy guidance“Integral Development of the Three Districts”adopted by the Lanzhou municipal party committee and government.
Lanzhou Wanda Square attracts merchants
Lanzhou Chengguan Wanda Square began to attract merchants on November 16, according to a retailer attraction launching ceremony.
Lanzhou delegation attracts investment in S. China
A delegation of Lanzhou governmental officials came to Chongqing, Hefei, Nanjing, Xuzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai and Guangzhou in southern China to attract investment and seek cooperation opportunities from July 6 to July 12.
Industries in Lanzhou
Lanzhou is the largest city in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and a key hub in the New Eurasian Continental Bridge.
Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, established in March of 1993, received the formal approval of the State Council as a state-level economic development zone in March of 2003.
Lanzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone
The Lanzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone is one of the national high-tech industry development zones approved by the State Council in 1991.