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New Area

Malaysian enterprises enter into Lanzhou New Area
A total of six enterprises from Malaysia will enter into the Comprehensive Bonded Area of the Lanzhou New Area.
Lanzhou to enhance investment attraction
The city of Lanzhou plans to attract more investment from outside of Gansu Province with an estimated actual capital inflow of 206.5 billion yuan this year.
Lanzhou Trade Fair to kick off in July
The 23rd session of the Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair will take place in the city of Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province, from July 6 to 9.
Lanzhou to launch 170 industrial projects
The city of Lanzhou planned to launch over 170 distinctive industrial projects this year, according to the Lanzhou Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology on March 1.
Lanzhou plans to foster 10,000 start-ups this year
The city of Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province, plans to foster 10,000 new start-ups and create 25,000 related job opportunities this year.
Lanzhou New Area incubates 398 projects
The Incubator Building in Lanzhou New Area has incubated 398 projects, attracted investment totaling 600 million yuan.
Lanzhou New Area Bonded Area blossoms
With a planned area of 3.39 square kilometers, the Lanzhou New Area Bonded Area includes functional sections featuring storage, logistics, processing, customs inspection and other services.
A state-level incubator to be set up in Lanzhou New Area
The State-level Scientific and Technological Enterprise Incubator Lanzhou New Area Base was established in Lanzhou New Area.
A Carnival Theme Park to be built in Lanzhou New Area
The Lanzhou International Carnival Theme Park will be built in Lanzhou New Area.
Muslim industry to bloom in Lanzhou New Area
A Malaysian Muslim Industrial Park will be set up in Lanzhou New Area to promote cooperation between countries along the Belt and Road Initiative and explore Middle-Western Asia and Middle-Eastern Europea markets in the next five years.
Lanzhou New Area to accelerate development
The gross regional product of Lanzhou New Area is expected to reach 40 billion yuan by 2020, with an annual growth rate of 20 percent.
Largest sapphire base to be built in Lanzhou New Area
A large-scale synthetic sapphire production base will be built in Lanzhou New Area, according to a contract signing ceremony held in Beijing on January 30.
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