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New Area

Cloud computing data center to be built in Lanzhou New Area
The Gansu provincial government office issued the implementation plan on accelerating the construction of big data and cloud platforms to promote information industry.
Lanzhou New Area to set up enterprise incubator
An enterprise incubator will be established in Lanzhou New Area to foster the development of small and micro enterprises, attract more high-level talent and research institutions.
Lanzhou New Area Bonded Area to start operation
The Lanzhou New Area Comprehensive Bonded Area received check and review from General Administration of China Customs and 9 other ministries on August 18.
Lanzhou New Area to enhance general plan
The general plan of Lanzhou New Area has been revised and enhanced, with more emphasis laid on the blending of production, life and ecology.
Fixed assets investment surges in Lanzhou New Area
The fixed assets investment in Lanzhou New Area surged with a year-on-year growth rate of 33.9 percent from January to May this year.
Lanzhou New Area enhances industrial park construction
The Lanzhou New Area will step up industrial park construction this year to promote the clustering development.
Gansu National Economic Park to be established in New Area
An exported oriented national economy industrial park focusing on research and development, resource and headquarter economies is expected to be established in Lanzhou New Area in the near future
Over 50 manufacturing enterprises enter Lanzhou New Area
There have been over 50 enterprises at the Equipment Manufacturing Park in Lanzhou New Area until the end of 2014.
Bonded area of Lanzhou New Area to operate formally in July
The comprehensive bonded area of Lanzhou New Area will start operation formally this July, according to the organizing committee of Lanzhou New Area on March 31.
Lanzhou New Area to support 150 small businesses
The Lanzhou New Area will explore new rural cooperation modes in land transferring and shareholding this year.
Construction in full swing at Lanzhou New Area
Construction at the Lanzhou New Area is now in full swing again after the Spring Festival on March 17.
Lanzhou New Area to establish ecological research center
An urban ecological research center will be established in the Lanzhou New Area this year.
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