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New Area

Lanzhou New Area to build disabled aids center
A regional center featuring aid facilities for disables people will be established in the Lanzhou New Area.
Delegates proposed to build consulates in Lanzhou New Area
The Lanzhou delegates put forward several plans to develop the Lanzhou New Area at the 12th Provincial People’s Congress, including the aspects of funds, industries, ecology and talents.
The average income of villagers reached 7,632 yuan
According to Lanzhou New Area, the trial implementation of agricultural joint-stock cooperative mode in Lanzhou New Area since 2014 has achieved successful result.
Green corridor in Lanzhou New Area
The green corridor in Lanzhou New Area is made up with thirteen water landscapes and its construction speeded up the efforts to build Lanzhou as an eco-city.
Showing the rising Lanzhou New Area by camera
On October 24th, 2014, Photographers' Association of Gansu sent 30 members to Lanzhou New Area to take part in the second photography competition of Lanzhou New Area.
Lanzhou New Area keeps a rapid development
Once as a region with farmland interspersed with wasteland, Lanzhou New Area turned into a city rapidly in the past decade. Now, this young city is continuing its development in many projects.
Lanzhou New Area speeds up growth
Development in Lanzhou New Area is in full swing, as the region accelerates infrastructure construction, promotes investment and funding and enhances its public service system.
Lanzhou New Area Bonded Area approved to be established
The State Council approved the establishment of Lanzhou New Area Bonded Area on July 15.
Local enterprises move into Lanzhou New Area
A total of 46.93 billion yuan so far has been invested in the moving of 55 enterprises from the Lanzhou city proper to the Lanzhou New Area.
Lanzhou New Area becomes Silk Road spotlight
Lanzhou New Area, a new economic growth point in the northwestern province of Gansu, has become a spotlight of the Silk Road Economic Belt and gained much attention from the business community.
Lanzhou New Area attracts large-volume investment projects
A total of 31 new projects were introduced to the Lanzhou New Area with the investment volume totaling 73.91 billion yuan, according to spokespeople at the Lanzhou New Area contract signing ceremony during the 20th Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair held on Sunday.
Industries in Lanzhou
Lanzhou is the largest city in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and a key hub in the New Eurasian Continental Bridge.
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