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New Area

Economic capacity enhanced in Lanzhou New Area
The gross regional production in Lanzhou New Area has risen from 3.904 billion yuan in 2011 to 12.58 billion yuan in 2015, with an annual growth rate of 33.98 percent.
Four ROK enterprises enter into Lanzhou New Area
A total of four enterprises from Republic of Korea have signed framework cooperative agreements with the Lanzhou New Area in sectors of cosmetics, costume and food.
Lanzhou New Area supports innovation and entrepreneurship
The Lanzhou New Area supported innovation and entrepreneurship through training and issuing discount loans, which totaled 8,110,000 yuan, in 2015.
Heating and power plant to be constructed in Lanzhou New Area
A heating and power plant is planned to be constructed in Lanzhou New Area with the investment from State Power Investment Corporation.
Modern tram lines to be built in Lanzhou New Area
A total of 5 modern tram lines will be built in Lanzhou New Area to quicken the construction of the traffic network in Lanzhou New Area.
Film studio founded in Lanzhou New Area
On October 18, Gansu Great Wall West Film Group Co., Ltd proclaimed its founding in the Silk Road Cultural Heritage City Expo.
Int’l theme park in Lanzhou New Area
On October 18, the cornerstone-laying ceremony for the Silk Road Western (International) Culture and Tourism Industry Park was held in Lanzhou New Area.
Business incubator in Lanzhou New Area put into use
The business incubator in Lanzhou New Area came into operation several days ago. It covers 281,000㎡, including 135,000㎡ of functional area.
Lanzhou New Area: golden path on silk road
Lanzhou New Area, which is about 40 miles away from Lanzhou city, and covers 1.7 thousand square kilometers, is the only state-level development zone in northwest China.
Tourism projects develop rapidly in Lanzhou New Area
With a budget of 3 to 5 billion yuan, the Lanzhou Great Wall Dream World Tourism Park has been under construction and the Four Great Ancient Civilizations Zone and the Film and TV Town have taken shape.
Cloud computing data center to be built in Lanzhou New Area
The Gansu provincial government office issued the implementation plan on accelerating the construction of big data and cloud platforms to promote information industry.
Lanzhou New Area to set up enterprise incubator
An enterprise incubator will be established in Lanzhou New Area to foster the development of small and micro enterprises, attract more high-level talent and research institutions.
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